Vintner’s Blend

Vintner's Blend

This dry red blend was created by combining varietals harvested over two seasons at Ardon Creek Vineyards. Additionally, free run juice was reserved for this blend. Finally, the Ardon Creek wine maker used select finishing techniques to provide a solid, pleasing structure to this wine. This fine blend offers peppery aromas, lengthy tannins and lays of complexity that anyone will enjoy.

The grape varietals used in this blend were developed at an East coast land grant university in the beginning of the 21st century and by Dr. Albert Seibel in France in the mid-20th century. These grapes offer the hardiness of Labrusca species and the characteristics of the old world flavors from the Vinifera species.
Welcome to the New World of Ardon Creek!
-Josh Glason, Ardon Creek, Winemaker