From Vines To Wines

Ardon Creek has 4.1 acres of grapes. These are winter hardy varieties that can put up with our Iowa winters and still thrive. Some of these grape varieties may be unknown to most wine drinkers. Our grapes are red – Concord, Noiret, Chancellor and white – Edelweiss and LaCrosse. Our own juice is supplemented by the same varieties from the Finger Lakes wine region of New York.

Many of our wines are inspired by the history of the town of Ardon, the 76 Township it is located in, or the personality of a beloved relative. You can see the story behind every wine on the back label of the bottle.

Harvest usually takes place during September. Our “villagers” of workers and volunteers help us to hand pick our grapes and are rewarded with a big “farm lunch”.

The grapes are taken to the crusher and de-stemmer and the whites are pressed. The juice is stored in tanks and containers at our winery.

Our wine maker and cellar crew work in the winery fermenting the wine and determining which flavors to emphasize. There is an amazing amount of chemistry involved in the wine making process. We are constantly measuring our wines to ensure they are fresh and to stabilize them microbiologically. Before bottling our wine we stabilize it for aesthetic mauve and may add sugar or oak to enhance the flavor.

Bottling is also done by our “villagers” of volunteers, neighbors and workers.

Once our wine is bottled, we distribute it to many local retail stores. We also offer our wines at many area farmers markets and the Ardon Creek Tasting Room. We offer tastings at many different locations to give people the opportunity to find out which wines they like best. We try our best to offer something for everyone.

While we are constantly monitoring and working in the vineyard, early spring is an especially busy time for us as we need to prune the vines. By pruning the vines we are optimizing fruit production and preparing for that next harvest.